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number 2

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The number 2 is a whole number, a numeral, and a digit. After one and before three, it is the next natural number. Because it is the smallest even prime number, it is also the smallest prime number. Because it is the cornerstone of a dualism, it has theological and spiritual significance in a wide range of cultures.

That’s because it’s a cardinal number, a type of number that can be used for counting. It’s also a real number, which distinguishes it from imaginary ones.

Brief Background on the Second 2 Number

Two horizontal lines represent the number “2” in the Indic Brahmic script, the ancestor of the modern Western numeral 2. This strategy is still used in modern day Chinese and Japanese. The Gupta script rotated the two lines by 45 degrees, turning them into a diagonal. On rare occasions, the bottom of the upper line was curved to meet the middle of the lower line precisely in the middle.

In the Nagari script, the upper line was written like a curve that led to the lower line. In the Arabic Ghubar script, the final line was vertical and the digits looked like a question mark without a dot. By repositioning the bottom line to its original horizontal position and leaving the top line as a curve that links to the bottom, we have created a modern digit.

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