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The letter M  comes from the Phoenician Mem, through the Greek Mu (Μ, μ). Semitic Mem is doubtlessly gotten from a “Proto-Sinaitic” (Bronze Age) reception of the “water” ideogram in Egyptian composition. The Egyptian sign had the acrophonic esteem/n/, from the Egyptian word for “water”, nt; the reception as the Semitic letter for/m/was apparently additionally on acrophonic grounds, from the Semitic word for “water”, *mā(y)- .

Use of Letter M in Writing System

The letter ⟨m⟩ addresses the bilabial nasal consonant sound [m] in the orthography of Latin just as in that of numerous modern age dialects, and furthermore in the International Phonetic Alphabet. In English, the Oxford English Dictionary (first version) says that ⟨m⟩ is in some cases a vowel, in words like fit and in the postfix – ism. In current wording, this is depicted as a syllabic consonant (IPA [m̩]).

In Washo, lower-case ⟨m⟩ addresses a run of the mill em sound, while capitalized ⟨M⟩ addresses a voiceless em sound.

Other Uses Letter M

  • The Roman numeral M stands for the number 1000, however it was not utilized in Roman Era. There is, notwithstanding, insufficient proof that the letter was subsequently presented in the early hundreds of years A.D. by the Romans.
  • Unit prefix M (Mega), which means multiple times, and m (milli) which means one-thousandth.
  • m is the standard truncation for meter (or meter) in the International System of Units (SI). Nonetheless, m is additionally utilized as a shortened form for mile.
  • M is utilized as the unit condensing for molarity.
  • With cash sums, m means 1,000,000: For instance, $5m is 5,000,000 dollars.
  • M regularly addresses male or manly, particularly related to F for female or ladylike.
  • M (James Bond) is an imaginary person in Ian Fleming’s James Bond book and film series.
  • In typography, an em run is an accentuation image whose width is equivalent to that of a capital letter M.
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