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The most common areas where the @ symbol is used in this era are the email addresses, and in social media mentions for tagging other people and pages in your post. 

Apart from Social media and E-mails the symbol is also used in the world of coding, be it CSS where @ is used in special statements outside of a CSS block, in C# where it denotes “verbatim strings” or in In DIGITAL Command Language, the @ character was the command used to execute a command procedure

Even though the symbol in this day and age is most widely used in the digital world that has not always been the case.

The History Of At Symbol

The symbol has been used throughout history in translations, commercial documents, measuring units and in many more areas. 

At Symbol in the Bulgarian Translation

The earliest version of the @ symbol was discovered in a Bulgarian translation of a Greek chronicle by Constantinos Manasses. In the translation the At symbol features in place of the capital letter A.

Commercial Document That Used At Symbol

The first time the symbol was used in a commercial document was way back in the year 1448. The document was a registry for a wheat shipment from Castile to Aragon. The registry document were written in Spanish.

Used for Measurement Units

Although the reasons for the origin of the At symbol are still unknown, the symbol has been used in multiple languages throughout history like Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese for a unit of weight derived from the Arabic of “the quarter”. The unit is called arroba and is equivalent to 25 pounds.

Usage of @ Symbol in English

In the English language the At symbol is used for commercial purposes and means at and/or at the rate of, or at the price of. Even though the symbol has rarely been used in financial ledgers, and is not used in typography.

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