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Coronavirus illustration is available for PowerPoint and other projects. This transparent png can be used for representing it in various projects. This type of coronavirus illustration is vastly used by cable and digital media to represent COVID-19  and it is often seen in the news. It represents the structure of the coronavirus with its tentacles and its sphere-like shape.

This illustration can be used to make professional-looking reports and articles with the help of this transparent png. COVID-19 or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome causes respiratory illness and was first identified in Wuhan, China. It has now spread worldwide not only costing lives but also causing an economic slow down costing millions of jobs.

This illustration shows that the spikes adorn the outer surface of the virus. After the breakout, research was done and an illustration was made after observing the deadly virus under an electrical microscope.

The virus is said to cost millions of lives worldwide both directly and indirectly. The most affected are the lower section of the society which were already struggling to survive. This new pandemic which majorly causes respiratory illness was named COVID-19 and is usually referred by it by a major of people and news outlets. This transparent png is a perfect representation of  COVID-19.

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Coronavirus PNG Image

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