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When Jack Kirby premiered “Fourth World,” he did so with a slew of innovative concepts. The Mother Box was one among them, but the “Boom Tube,” a teleportation device employed by the New Gods, was possibly his most well-known new innovation. The Boom Tube was well named, as each time the teleportation tunnel was triggered, it was accompanied by an audible “boom”!

There was another bargain struck between Darkseid and the brilliant New God known as Metron, where Darkseid would supply Metron with the resources needed to create his special Mobius Chair in exchange for giving Darkseid the Boom Tube technology, as we stated before. Years later, during his stint on “Thor,” Walter Simonson would incorporate a variety of “boom” sound effects, since John Workman was just as excellent at creating cool “boom” typefaces as he was at creating cool “doom” fonts.

Famous Funnies, the first contemporary comic book, was published in 1933 in the United States and was a reproduction of older comic book newspapers that pioneered many of the storytelling methods employed in comics. The name “comic book” originated from American comic books and used to refer to a hilarious comedic comic book; however, this practice has been supplanted by presenting stories of different genres, most of which are not humorous.

Japan is the world’s largest comic book market. By 1995, Japan’s manga market was estimated to be worth 586.4 billion yen ($6-7 billion), with yearly book sales of 1.9 billion manga (tankbon volumes and manga periodicals), or 15 issues per person. In 2016, the combined market for comic books in the United States and Canada was predicted to be $1.09 billion.


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