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Google – The Search Engine

Google is one of the most popular technology companies in the world now, but it began as a search engine in 1998 when Stanford University students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded it by developing a search algorithm.

Since then, Google has become one of the most used search engines in the world. It has expanded to offer Gmail, which overtook the popularity of Hotmail for emailing by Microsoft, also launched browser, Google Chrome, as well as other apps like Google Maps, Google cloud, and Google Drive.

Google Meet is also one of the apps by Google the use of which accelerated during the pandemic because of the need to communicate remotely.

Google Logo

The Google logo was initially just the word ‘Google’ typed in a font. The colors of each of the letters of Google were different to show the vastness of the search engine. The Google logo history shows how the company has changed and expanded over the years.

Now, Google has changed its font to a flat version which is similar to what icons use. The colors of the logo are also brighter as they don’t use the shading which the initial logos used. In September 2015, Google launched its new logo, the ‘G’ which incorporated all the colors from the original logo which is red, green, yellow, and blue.

Every company’s logo goes through transformations over the years. The reason is that the company evolves and changes and incorporates new divisions, therefore a change in the logo is necessary. Also, if we see other brands, the logos have now begun to use high quality illustrations. New logos are also simpler just like the ‘G’ of Google or even the shell of Shell petroleum. The simplistic logos means that people can recognize it everywhere and it is easy to draw.

Google still uses the full form of the ‘Google’ written out when we visit the search engine. The G is used when there is an icon on the smartphone, or Google is mentioned anywhere. Because both these logos are used, there is a brand recognition amongst the people whichever logo is used.

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