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Mentioned above is the transparent PNG image that represents the quality of Honesty. It is said that if you tell the truth, you’re said to possess the quality of honesty. 

The actual meaning of honesty had closer connections to honor than truthfulness. Shakespeare has had his own stance about this quality and once wrote, “Honesty is the best policy. If I lose my honor, I lose myself.” 

It is in actuality a moral choice. Some of the successful businessmen have been found telling themselves that in the long run, they are more likely to do well by doing good. 

Oftentimes the economists and game theorists would feed us this idea that trust is enforced in the marketplace by retaliation and reputation. If one violates a trust, the victim will most likely  seek revenge and others may entirely stop doing business with you, in an ideal scenario. It is said that a man with a reputation for fair dealing is more likely to prosper. Therefore, profit maximizers are oftentimes seen to be honest.

The antonym of this term is deception or simpler terms, lying. Lying is considered bad whether it is about deceiving others or yourself. When one lies, they delude themselves into believing what they’re saying. One lie in turns results in a vicious cycle and people end up being unable to keep up with their lies. Lying can cause confusion with oneself, with others and ultimately people lose credibility and put themselves in harm.

Below are some examples of how the term Honesty is used in the day to day vocabulary

  • The manager spoke with brutal honesty – I was not suited for the given job.
  • Kids should be praised for their honesty.
  • It’s not possible to doubt her honesty, given her reputation.
  • Well, not to offend anyone but, in all honesty, this strategy would never work for the business. 

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